A new advertising campaign has started in London for getting homeless dogs adopted. Ad agency Ogilvy has come up with a creative idea to get the animals of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in England adopted. When shoppers visit the East London’s Westfield mall, a cute dog appears on a digital billboard and follows them around. The campaign is named #LookingForYou.

“We’re very excited about the #Lookingforyou campaign – as a nation of dog lovers we’re hoping it strikes a chord with people,” says Carly Whyborn, Head of Operations at Battersea in its website.

When shoppers enter the mall, special flyers containing hidden RFID tags are given to them. When the shoppers move around, the chips in the flyers trigger the digital billboard near them and a cute little pooch Barley pops up on it. He then follows them around “from screen to screen” and also reacts to their movements. And then comes the message, “There’s a dog looking for you at Battersea”.

You can see it in the following video:

The dog in the Ad is Barley who was a former Battersea resident and who fortunately has found a home. Battersea hopes that the emotional connection people feel with Barley will encourage them to adopt a dog or support the home in some way. This campaign is expected to help many abandoned and rescued animals to find loving homes.