The Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used photo editing tools in the world today. Now the company, whose developers were working since the past few days under a codenamed Project Rigel, has arrived with its new photo editing app for Android. The company has released its new Adobe Photoshop Mix app along with three more apps that are centered around graphic design. These three are Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Color CC.

However, it has to be noted that these are not standalone apps. To use them, you will first have to Adobe’s Creative Cloud services. The newly announced Photoshop Mix offers an improved way of editing images. These includes some basic tuning, cropping or even mixing to or more photos on the board. You can see these features in the images at the bottom.

Taking a look at the other apps, the Adobe Shape CC allows you to take images with objects and then easily edit it through vector graphics from it. Adobe Brush CC will allow you to snap a picture through your handset’s camera and then transform it into a custom brush which can be used afterwards in full-blown Photoshop and Illustrator. The third app is the Adobe Color CC, an app that lets you take an image and later create custom palette by analyzing the taken image. Check the below links to download the apps.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Mix | Adobe Shape CC | Adobe Brush CC | Adobe Color CC

Adobe-Photoshop-Mix (1)

Adobe-Photoshop-Mix (2)


Adobe-Photoshop-Mix (3) Adobe-Photoshop-Mix


Adobe-Brush-CC (1) Adobe-Brush-CC (2)


Adobe-Color-CC (2) Adobe-Color-CC (3) Adobe-Color-CC


Adobe-Shape-CC (1) Adobe-Shape-CC (2) Adobe-Shape-CC (3) Adobe-Shape-CC

via: PhoneArena