Although Smartphone is one of the famous mobile handset for users, many of people cannot afford because of cost price. Bearing this in mind, the mobile companies are engaging themselves to bring a new and affordable Smartphone for all ages and classes of users. Still many people prefer to have basic mobile phones like Nokia 105 because of low price. Some costly Smartphone like ZTE Open cannot able to thrive because of high price to the lower class of people.

ARM believes, new Smartphone will be affordable for everyone because of low price. This is possible to bring Firefox Os Phone in the market at only $25 for the lower class of people. But, ARM is looking for brining a new Android Smartphone at only $20. However, the major designer reported that the price cannot be cheaper like this at the same manufacturing techniques.


Of course, this cheap rated Smartphone hardware cannot run and perform like the huge budget Smartphones like Galaxy S5. However, the hardware performance and manufacturing quality would not that much low that you will use two-three month and it will stop working too!

Single-core Cortex A5 process with 2.5G wireless data is currently using for presenting this $20 Smartphone to the market. However, the BLU Dashuses had a dual-core chip with $49 for the users that is available in the market. The performance and hardware is not the point while you are thinking to bring affordable $20 Smartphone to market, ARM believes.

This low performance hardware with stylish mobile computing will give the users better options with some modern mobile web features at the same price of basic cell phones. So, the users will get the rock-bottom price Smartphones with calls, social networks, text messages and many more in later of this year.