Have you got a previous Android phone or tablet simply wasting and gathering dirt in your cupboard? Well, what square measure you waiting for? Tumble out of there. Now!
There’s such a lot that your Android device is capable of and you only haven’t accomplished it nonetheless. So, with slightly little bit of effort, you’ll facilitate your recent Android device cut loose from the depths of your cabinet.
Here square measure a number of the simplest examples.

  1. Alarm clock

People still get dedicated alarm clocks? Are you victimization your smartphone as associate alarm clock? It’s straightforward to grab a dock associated associate app to form an Android hopped-up alarm clock. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean may need supplemental Daydream to create your alarm clock look additional stunning, however you don’t have to be compelled to have the newest associated greatest Android tablet or smartphone to use it as an alarm clock.

alarm clock
The Daydream feature is simply accomplished by different apps for lower versions of Android. They aren’t moderately as stylish as Daydream although.

There are a unit dozens of apps which may flip your Android tablet or smartphone into associate alarm clock (Alarm Clock Extremes may be a widespread one), and with a $10 dock from eBay, you’ll be able to save yourself the difficulty of shopping for a fervent alarm clock. What’s even higher is that, if you’re a very significant sleeper, you’ll be able to perpetually plug your Android device into your surround system (or simply an everyday speaker) to create positive that you simply don’t miss that vital meeting.

  1. MP3 Player

Are you an important music listener? Your previous Android smartphone or tablet is ideal for such things. We tend to square measure already attempting to eke out all drop of battery life from our Android smartphones, and if you’re a very significant music attender, you’ll waste a decent 100% or additional in sooner or later of taking note of music regionally, ne’er mind streaming it.

Luckily, you’ll use your previous Android smartphone or tablet (smartphone would be additional desirable during this scenario for obvious reasons) as an ardent MP3 player. This manner you’ll conserve your precious battery life for additional vital matters. Associate degree previous Android smartphone while not a SIM card is additionally excellent for your athletic facility sessions, so you won’t be distracted by any phone calls or texts whereas you working out.

You can conjointly store your favourite videos for mobile viewing. Thus currently you’ll watch Gangam vogue to your heart’s content while not taking successful within the battery life department.

3. Baby monitor/Security monitor

If you’ve got an IP camera then you’ll use your previous Android smartphone or tablet as a monitor. Whether or not you would wish to stay a watch on the baby otherwise you simply want to understand who’s at the door, your previous Android smartphone or tablet fits the bill utterly. You’ll even hook your tablet up on the wall to be used as an LCD monitor for a set position in your lounge. Audio-only is thus twentieth century, and people dedicated LCD monitors will be expensive, thus exploitation your previous Android tablet or smartphone would be good.

4. A development device

So you’ve spent some hours reading concerning these cool custom ROMs on the XDA forums, however you’re petrified of bricking your shiny new Android device. Perhaps you don’t wish to lose your warrant. That’s why your previous Android smartphone or tablet is remodelled into your development device in order that you’ll explore the marvellous world of Android customization, while not having to fret concerning bricking your device.

There are a various custom ROMs to do, and if you have got a very in style previous smartphone or tablet, then you’ll be supported by the event community.

5. DSLR Remote controller

If you wish to experiment together with your DSLR shots, pairing your previous Android smartphone or tablet to your DSLR will bring some fascinating shots. You’ll produce nice time lapse shots, time controlled HDR-sequences, and every one styles of different functions. If you’ve got a previous Android tablet with Infrared integral (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab seven Plus), you’ll use the integral IR working person to manage your DSLR still.

6. Cookbook

Those cookery sessions will get messy, thus exploitation your previous Android phone or tablet as a digital book of facts would be improbably convenient. You’ll obtain cookery books and tutorials from the Play Store or simply use YouTube to observe tutorials. Along with your previous Android phone or tablet by your adjacent, all of these unimaginable dishes that you simply saw on TV and thought were not possible to create, will currently become a reality.

7. Digital photo frame

There square measure many Wi-Fi connected digital pic frames to settle on from, however why pay cash on one thing you have already got. An Android tablet not to mention a dock would be good to indicate a slideshow of your favourite footage on your tablet. There square measures dozens of apps to select from, and you’ll even use it as a digital pic frame and a side alarm clock. Point out multi-purpose.

8. Emulator console

Chances are that your previous Android smartphone or tablet won’t be ready to run the latest graphics intensive games; however that won’t stop them from being nice emulator consoles. If you’d wish to experience the glory days of your Game Boy’s, Play Station’s, Nintendo 64’s and every one you’re alternative favourite older consoles, your previous Android smartphone or tablet will do exactly that. With many emulators to settle on from, you’ll make sure to seek out one for your several console of selection.


9. E-Reader

Just like MP3 players, only a few folks purchase dedicated E-Readers any longer. Currently rather than taking electric battery hit on your smartphone whereas you’re reading your favourite novel, you’ll use your previous smartphone or tablet as associate E-Reader. What’s even higher is that if you’ve got a previous Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2 or the other smartphone with associate OLED show, you’ll switch to the night theme and revel in unimaginable battery life because of the low energy consumption of OLED displays once showing preponderantly black screens.


10. There’s such a lot a lot of you’ll do!

We could’ve restricted this list to ten definitive decisions, however there’s such a lot a lot of you’ll do along with your previous Android tablet or smartphone. You’ll pilot quad copters, use them as media servers, install them on your automobile dashboard for in-car diversion and GPS systems, usage them as a regulator for your home mechanization systems, and every one styles of alternative crazy, fascinating use cases which will keep you busy long into the summer D.I.Y. season. You simply ought to be a bit ingenious.

You can additionally combine and match totally different ideas into the one tablet or smartphone so you’ll use your previous device for quite one purpose, and if you continue to have found an honest use for your previous Android device, then you’ll sell or recycle it, or maybe gift it to a worthy cause.

Have you been galvanized to interrupt your previous Android device free from the dark depths of your closet? Which plan interests you most?