Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1) from Tiger Log Cabin is a log cabin design to protect the owner from zombie attacks, in case if it is happening in the future. The building is a three connected structure complete with reinforced slit windows, walls and doors, a barbed wire surround, an escape hatch on top as well as a living room which you can equipped with XBox, TV and sound system. On top of that, it also comes with an arsenal storage unit to keep your weaponry to fight the zombie(s). Furthermore, there is also kitchen, toilet system, garage as well as an upper deck for your lookout in case if there is a huge number of zombie rushing towards your cabin. There is also a garden section as part of the cabin design for you to produce your own food supply.

The whole kit is priced at $113,000 with additional $21,000 for installation, $3,000 for security camera networks and $5,600 for solar panels. Water cannon, search light or flame thrower is available on request and definitely with additional charges. The best feature of this cabin is that it comes with 10 years anti-zombie guarantee. As per Tiger statement, “Please note — we require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10 year anti zombie guarantee,”

Despite all that, ZFC-1 seems like a luxury cabin regardless whether it comes with 10-years anti zombie warranty or not.