The best battery maker for Smartphone, ZeroLemon Company has confirmed to set a new powerful 9000mAh battery for LG G3 Smartphone. The extremely powerful 9,000mAh battery will hold enough power for the LG G3 Smartphone.

The new 9,000mAh battery power does not need to be charged most often. The battery has enough power to give the users long time usability. The battery is attached to the back case and it will have a button on the backside that you need to press to active the actual button.

ZeroLemon has confirmed 9000mAh Battery for LG G3

However, this can be a tactile thing for the user who are not used to it. The battery case will always play the role of protective shield of your Smartphone from drops and earthquakes.

No doubt that, ZeroLemon will cover you and your phone with the large battery power as well as the looks, general usability and functionality of the new upcoming LG G3 Smartphone.