With over 1 billion visitors a month, YouTube is the largest video sharing website on the internet. Millions upon millions of videos are watched each month which are all uploaded by registered users called “Creators”. The more tools or features available for creators, the more quality content they can create.

That’s why YouTube announced on the YouTube creator blog earlier last week that they are adding a number of new tools for their creators. Some of the new features YouTube promises to add include the YouTube Creator Studio app, royalty free sound effects on the audio library, and 60 frames per second support.

Below is a rundown on the upcoming features:

YouTube Creator Studio for Android and iOS: YouTube Creator Studio was available for Desktop users only. Even if your video went viral, you could go days without knowing about it unless you logged in from a PC. As did Rebecca Black who had no idea that her video went viral several days after she uploaded her music video “Friday”. The “YouTube Creator Studio” app however lets you see stats and manage your videos on the go. The app is already available for Android phone users and the iOS version will be released very soon.

Subtitles submitted by fans: If your video has subtitles or captions, your viewers or fans can translate them to any language. This way you can reach more audience especially those that don’t speak your language. This holds true especially since 80% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside of the US.

Audio library with royalty free sound effects: The Audio Library had thousands of royalty free tracks that you can put in your videos for free. And now thousands of royalty free sound tracks will also be added into the Library in the coming few weeks.

Interactive info cards: YouTube will start using interactive info cards instead of annotations to give information. As an example, when you roll over a channel link, a small box-like card will pop up showing the channel’s description, name, cover art and the subscribe button.

Fan funding: Your fans can now make a donation to your channel right there on your channel.

Creator Credits: If you want to credit someone such as a collaborator on your videos, you’ll be able to do so using the Creator Credits feature. As opposed to the past where you could only credit people on your descriptions, you can now add link tags that viewers can click through.

Upgraded playlist feature: Creators will also have more ways to create organize playlists so viewers can easy discover the videos.

60 fps support: For creators creating videos with high frame rates, there’s a statement on the creators’ blog that should excite you which reads “Your video game footage with crazy high frame rates will soon look as awesome on YouTube as it does when you’re playing, when we launch support for 48 and even 60 frames per second in the coming months.”