Uber is an app which provides transportation service to the consumers. Uber has two types of consumers, one is the drivers who sign up to provide the service, and another one is the consumers like you and me who need to use the service. It seems to be a good app, however, many government and taxi companies have protested against Uber since the drivers might be unsafe or illegal.

In August 2014, Uber launched its API to open up the service to third-party apps developer.  However, this API has limited features; it only allows the third party apps to send the destination address of the consumer to Uber as well as for the consumer to view ride histories.  With the updated API, there is a new feature added called “Request endpoint”.  Therefore, the third party apps will have the full Uber experience by using the updated API. On top of that, it also opens more possibilities on how users will use the app in the future.

One way that this Uber plugin can be used is on occasion when you want to decide where to have dinner today and you open an app that provides restaurant review, as you read the review, you can also request the Uber service by using the same app. You will not have to open the Uber app specifically to do that.

Uber has already working with companies such as Starbucks, United, OpenTable, TimeOut and TripAdvisor for an affiliate program.