Google has introduced a new web feature with which you can send map directions to your Android phone even before you start out from your office or home.  If you are going someplace and don’t know how to get there, you can now send directions from Google Search to your Android phone in advance before you start.

For this, your phone must be linked to your Google account. Once you have made sure it is, you have to just type “send direction” in the Chrome omnibox or Google’s homepage. After that, type out the address where you want to go. If you have multiple devices, check at the top right corner to see that you are sending directions to the correct phone. You can use the prompt to select the correct Android device. Choose the route and click on the “Send directions to my phone” link present at the bottom.

The Google Maps app in your Android phone receives the directions. When you get in your car, open Google Maps in your phone and it will show you the map with the location you have typed. When you click the navigation icon, you will get directions to your destination.

Readers may recall that Goggle has recently introduced the “Find my phone” feature on Google Search to locate your misplaced or lost phone.