Xperia Z4
People are anxiously waiting for quite some long time to see what this Sony Xperia Z4 looks like. They also want to see what specifications Sony is going to give them about this smartphone. The concept of this Sony Xperia phone is sensational, and people are really curious to know more about it.Xperia Z4


Sony Xperia Z4 is more known as Sony Xperia Curve, and it looks very much as its name. It gives an elliptical impression because of its amazing, thick yet circular sides that are very much different from the design of previous Xperia Series phones. That is not all; this phone has a big display of 5.2 inches with a RAM of 3GB. It has the powerful Snapdragon 810 processor, and a camera of 20MP. The device has storage of 64GB, and it comes with JBL Stereo speakers.


Sale point
The smartphone is great in every possible way; however, it is the stylish curves of Sony Xperia Z4 that will become the main reason for its fame and sale. Now that is left upon Sony whether the company uses this feature in its marketing campaign. Nonetheless, this smartphone will still look very much like the previous phones of Xperia series despite having curved sides.