Ricciolo (Sony leakster fame), tweeted about Samsung playing “secret santa” with its corresponding investors and partners at CES 2015, for its next flagship Galaxy S6. Sony is also rumored of demonstrating its Xperia Z4 in so-called “secret-room” to all their investors.


AT&T,Sprint,T-Mobile USA and Verizon are the expected carriers of these high-end phones. Although, its almost doubtful that these carriers would leak out some information in accordance of agreement until the official announcement of the smartphones.

During CES 2013, Samsung had secretly showcased their Galaxy S5 behind closed doors to its carriers,investors and corresponding partners. So we are more inclined to explore further on this rumors. We hope that Ricciolo might leak out some more information, at least as far as Sony Xperia Z4 is concerned.

source: Ricciolo (Twitter)