Xiaomi has turned out to be one of the major game players in the global smartphone market and now, the Chinese smartphone maker began its global expansion as its popular midrange handsets went on sale in Singapore, the company’s first sales location outside of the greater China region. According to reports from Bloomberg, Xiaomi announced that it will be expanding to 10 new countries this year. According to sources Malaysia is the next frontier followed by Indonesia, Thailand, India and Latin America.


In a bid to make it easier for the international consumers to access and reach Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker has changed its website domain to Mi.com. The domain will also act as the hub for the company’s e-commerce activities including the sales of smartphones.

Xiaomi’s popular products include Redmi Note, Redmi and Mi-3 which is dubbed as their fastest smartphone ever clocked with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor at 2.3GHz. The company is able to sell its smartphones boasting processors as powerful as latest Apple and Samsung Galaxy models in less than half-price. It sells smartphones directly to its customers through its website thus cutting the markup cost of the middleman.

Xiaomi, which was valued at $10bn when it raised funding last year, enjoys an Apple-like level of popularity within China. It also caught attention in the US and Europe last year when it poached Hugo Barra, Google’s vice-president for Android product management, to be its vice-president. The company wants to target emerging markets first to solidify its base since U.S. and European markets already saturated with lots of established brands competing for customers.