Xiaomi’s shoes 
Xiaomi is now getting into the shoes business after launching streaming dongle, action camera, smart fan and even TVs. The shoes that Xiaomi has introduced are not just any ordinary pair of shoes rather they are smart shoes which are connected to the user’s smartphone.

A local athlete brand called Li-Ning makes these waterproof sneakers. The Xiaomi shoes have a military grade motion sensor and a Bluetooth chip inside the midsole.Xiaomi

Working and cost
The pressure and motion sensors insdie the midsole record users walks and runs. They sensors then relay the fitness stats to the pedometer or calorie counter health app of the smartphone. The price of the Xiaomi’s shoes is just 199 yuan which is approximately equal to $32. The company claims that the battery of these shoes last for more than twelve months. These shoes are available in different glittering colors. This is just the beginning of smart clothing.