Just yesterday we spotted Xiaomi unveiling its premium flagship Mi4 in an event in Beijing. Well, many would wonder why Xiaomi had just kept the camera to 13MP like the previous Mi3. But let us tell you that the camera of the Xiaomi Mi4 hosts a 13MP camera with more powerful Sony IMX214 sensors which is a BSI stacked CMOS sensor with 1/3.06” size and a wide f/1.8 aperture. The earlier Sony Mi3 hosted an IMX135 sensor found in most of the premium flagships these days.

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The new Sony sensor comes with lot of upgradations like better sensitivity in low-light photography, less cross-talk and significantly improved real-time video HDR which comes with faster speeds and is implemented with the new SME-HDR technology. The new camera sensor also makes the camera module slimmer compared to its previous one with better backlight results. The new camera sensor is capable of recording 4K HDR videos at 30 frames per second supporting real-time video HDR. Check out the difference between the old and new Sony camera sensor.

Sony sensor comparison


The new powerful camera of the Xiaomi Mi4 can lock focus in just 0.3 seconds compared to the 0.6 to 0.8 seconds time required by the previous Xiaomi Mi3 camera. Well, so the surety of you never missing out some special moments go stronger. The Xiaomi Mi4 comes with a closed-loop focus system which enables speedy auto-focus acquisition. With the new camera sensor, the images with low-light shooting with flash have also improved and even produces more natural colors in flashless shot.

Now talking about its front camera, the company has come up with a powerful 8MP primary Sony IMX219 sensor which offers 80 degree field view with f/1.8 aperture. Well, this makes it a very powerful camera for selfie freaks. Moreover, Xiaomi has also offered several filters and effects that overlay on the top of images. Here are few of the camera samples in different light conditions. Take a look at the camera shots from Xiaomi Mi4 and get complete details for the device here.

Image results without flash, with flash and combined effect

2014-07-23_07-56-36 2014-07-23_07-56-08



Image results with adjust refocus after capturing2014-07-23_07-57-53 2014-07-23_07-58-12


Image results of selfies applying different filters2014-07-23_07-59-01 2014-07-23_07-59-20 2014-07-23_07-59-37 2014-07-23_07-59-56 2014-07-23_08-00-17 2014-07-23_08-00-36 2014-07-23_08-00-53