The Xiaomi Mi3 is coming back after the roaring success during its short stay in Indian market earlier this quarter. All sales, besides the very first (when Flipkart servers experienced a crash), managed to last less than just 5 seconds. Xiaomi quickly learnt from its mistakes, and roped in additional units of the Redmi 1S for subsequent sales and put Mi3 sales on hold.

According to reports, the company is now flying in stocks from Hong Kong to bring the Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S ahead of the Diwali holidays in India, a season during which retailers have recorded monumental sales figures in past, especially in product segments like electronics and consumer technology.

Often known as Mission Impossible smartphone, its flash sales were sold out in seconds with thousands of people never managing to get the unit. Each flash sale was followed by angry posts on Xiaomi’s Facebook page. The fans were peeved-off by the huge gap between demand and supply.

Reports say the company is in talks with Indian retailer Flipkart to provide special priority passes to those unlucky Xiaomi fans who were unable to get their hands on Mi3 priorly despite getting registered for flash sales.

There are no specific remarking about the pricing and availability channels, but there will likely be no modification there. Xiaomi will probably stick to Flipkart as its e-retail partner and will sell Mi3 for INR 13,999 (roughly $230). We are just hoping that Chinese manufacturer brings enough units this time around so they last for more than a few seconds.