Xiaomi has become a huge success in India. With the passage of time they have been holding weekly flash sales in India and the fruits of their labor are proof of their success. Xiaomi has only released two devices for Indian buyers so far. These are the Mi 3 and the Redmi 1S.



In an interview with ET’s Karan Bajaj, Xiaomi’s Vice President for International markets Hugo Barra was asked about the launch of the Mi 4. He responded by saying:

We don’t have a date for Mi 4 yet. I am going to stick with what I said earlier which is still the plan -launch it late December 2014 or early January 2015.

When asked about the demand and supply problems that Xiaomi faced in India, he said:

We got in a lot of trouble because our schedule production for India was nowhere close to what we are now doing. We did not prepare ourselves from the forecast perspective for the kind of growth we have seen here in India.

He also said:

For Redmi 1s we knew that we had to sell 1,00,000 devices a week, that was out target and that’s where we are now. 1 lakh devices a week is what clears demand. So now that we have the quantity, we will not be selling out in seconds anymore, but maybe in hours.

The Chinese smartphone maker’s current flagship handset, as well as the Redmi Note, its first phablet could become available in India within the next two months. Xiaomi’s other products like the Mi Pad tablet and Mi TV are expected to arrive in India in 2015.