The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has entered the wearables market segment and introduced its first wearable device, the Mi Band along with its new flagship smartphone Mi4. The Mi Band is a ‘fitness monitor and sleep tracker’ priced at 79 RMB which comes to around $13.

Xiaomi MiBand -1

The Mi Band has a Bluetooth to pair with smartphones and an accelerometer. It monitors the wearer’s fitness and also has a sleep-cycle alarm clock. The company is pretty vague on the fitness part so not much is known but it should be working as a pedometer because it has an accelerometer.

The Mi Band has a micro laser perforated aluminium surface. It doesn’t have a display screen. The Mi Band can unlock the smartphone automatically just by proximity without the need of a password and has a battery life of 30 days. It is also IP67 certified for water resistance. Xiaomi has also announced the Mi Band on its Facebook page.

Xiaomi MiBand -2

Xiaomi’s Mi Band is available in various band options such as wrap-around and leather band. It is also available in many color variants including orange, pink, blue, green, brown, purple, black and grey. The date of availability has not been announced yet but it will likely be introduced in China first as always.

At just $13, the colorful Xiaomi Mi Band seems quite attractive. What do you think?

Xiaomi MiBand -3 Xiaomi MiBand -4 Xiaomi MiBand -5 Xiaomi MiBand -6