Xiaomi came into the smartphone market like a storm. With their clever sales strategy and exclusion of paid marketing, they were able to undercut the competition in terms of cost while providing top-of-the-shelf performance in their phones and tablets. If you thought it was amazing that Xiaomi sold 100 million units, wait till you hear what they have in store for the future.

Xiaomi was funded in April 2010 and released its first smartphone in August 2011. Unlike other Chinese smartphone companies, Xiaomi had an edge in terms of price, performance, and quality bundled with their clever sales tactics that put them a step above the rest.

Three years after Xiaomi was found, it become the world’s 3rd ranked smartphone company in terms of sales in the third quarter of 2014. Number 1 being Samsung, followed by Apple. Xiaomi did all this without leaving Asia which is pretty amazing.

Although Xiaomi entering the western market is hindered by the certain possibility of litigation issues regarding patents filed by both Samsung and Apple, it seems that Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is still confident about Xiaomi’s future in the global smartphone market. He feels that Xiaomi can climb up to the No. 1 spot within five to ten years.

Xiaomi Can Become The Largest Selling Smartphone Maker On Earth - 1 - DoiToshin

The mobile smartphone industry is moving really fast so nobody really knows what will happen in 5 to 10 years but looking at the sales figures, its hard to deny the hidden potential in their forward momentum in the market.

Many people in the world are trying to get their hands on these phones. If distribution could expand a bit, they are sure to see a big jump in sales. The figure of 70 million active users worldwide, could rise to 200 million next year. But will Xiaomi be able to maintain this growth, or will the company fall as quick as it has risen?