Many people have called the Chinese company Xiaomi to be the copycat of Apple. While the company always denied these claims also has committed that Apple is an “inspiration” for them. While people can claim whatever they want, it is the fact that Xiaomi has surpassed Apple in China and has become the second biggest Smartphone company of the country. It has grown in the market with an impressive rate and still keeping the pace. Still if people claim it to be the copycat of Apple, it has become more popular than the original (may be because of the price difference).

Xiaomi Beats Apple in China by Becoming 2nd Biggest Smartphone Company

The data gathered from the Kantar Worldpanel ComTech report, which included statistics from January to May of the current year, Xiaomi made 21% Smartphone sales in China while Apple managed 16% Smartphone sales, this put Xiaomi on top of the Apple in the rankings. Xiaomi, however, managed to beat Apple, but it is still behind Samsung which managed to make 23% Smartphone sales in China. Xiaomi is behind for now but the distance between the two companies is very little. If Xiaomi kept growing with this rate, it can very well become the top Smartphone manufacturer in China.

Xiaomi is getting more sales from the people who are upgrading from an older Smartphone. According to Kantar, 70% of people who are buying Xiaomi Smartphones are upgrading from Smartphones of other companies and 20% are upgrading from older Xiaomi Smartphones. Also, most people are switching from Samsung which boost up the idea that Xiaomi could very well become number one Smartphone Company in China.