Microsoft is going to launch Xbox Music: OneDrive Music Locker  for giving personal streaming tunes. Currently, Microsoft has just given access to the users that music that it has in its cloud server. In this case, you have to store the music and popular songs on your Windows Phone memory because latest songs need time to be in the Microsoft Xbox Music Cloud. OneDrive Music Locker will change the feature where you will have addition account to upload your favorite music to stream later.

Xbox Music OneDrive Music Locker from Microsoft Soon sample 1

Therefore, you will have limited OneDrive cloud storage space from where you can stream songs by using Xbox Music app. Moreover, any Smartphone that supports Xbox Music will have the same service from the OneDrive Music Locker too! Using OneDrive will be easier and straight forward because of having a separate folder name “Music.”

However, we have only known that OneDrive + Xbox Music integration will happen soon but Microsoft has not given any fixed estimate. Google, Amazon and Apple is also giving cloud music locker solutions to the world wide and Xbox Music locker will give the same features.