Last Monday at WWDC, Apple iOS 8 keynote only presented the half story about the upcoming software and since then it is known Apple has integrated some new features in the mixture.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, it was known that Apple wouldn’t reveal every little detail related to iOS 8. The deep details related to iPhone 6 to the iWatch are still not known. The Apple is keeping the details secret till date.

iOS 8 Split-Screen Multitasking Feature
Pre-WWDC rumors were saying that Apple would soon launch split-screen multitasking for iPad and the deep details inside iOS 8 code has showed that rumors were not rumors but the truth.

Within iOS 8′s code, Steven Troughton-Smith of Apple revealed a feature that will run two apps side by side on SpringBoard. He also spotted that this splitting screen will allow two apps to run on the screen by sharing 50-50 space and can also run by sharing three-quarters or one quarter of the screen while other sharing the remaining space.

Steve-TS-tweet iOS 6

This feature will be supported by iPad Air and other iPad with full size screen and iOS 8 as an operating system. iPad mini with Retina Display or iPad mini will not support this feature. It is expected that this feature will be available at the time of iOS release, which will held in September. As the year advances through the beta release cycle, we may get to know more and get more things in our hands.

As for the “iPad Pro”, this so called large displaying tablet is expected to be released later this year.