Well, with days moving ahead, it seems news for the iPhone are rolling more and more. According to a recent report from the Wall-Street Journal, the Cupertino giant has already started receiving the its next A8 processors for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. In addition to this, the companies have likely joined hands for working on other projects as to making a nanometer chip manufacturing technology which TSMC plans to unveil next year in 2015.

The recent publication from WSJ shows that Apple and TSMC are working together on manufacturing forward thinking ships. This could be a great news for the Taiwanese chip-maker as it could possibly make up for the research investment required for the same which could ultimately boost up their revenue considerably. Analysts have predicted that 10% of the company’s revenue could be fetched itself from Apple’s order.

There had been previously this news that the Taiwanese chip-maker had already started the production of a 20-nanometer A8 chip. Reports also showed that many engineers from the company were moved to Apple headquarters to ensure the quality of production.

Moreover, recent reports coming out of China and Taiwan show that 68 million iPhone 6 orders for 2014 have already been kept. This is really a sizeable amount as last year in 2013 Apple managed to achieve a score of 51 million sales for its iPhone 5s. However, for the moment it is still unclear as to whether the 68million includes both iPhone 6 with 4.7inch and 5.5inch together or individually. Well, with the release date getting closer we will surely get you up with more surpises coming out. Stay tuned to Doi-Toshin!