Windows Phone 9 much anticipated successor of Windows Phone 8 is set to hit markets at end of year 2015. But its preview version Windows Phone 9 Preview is to be available around mid 2015.

However, there is no news on the features of the Windows Phone 9. But much is expected as Windows Phone 8.1 came with many updates over its predecessor Windows Phone 8. The other aspect which needs to be seen is the Phone 9’s compatibility with existing Windows Phone. Last time when Phone 8 rolled out it was not updateable on many existing Phone 7 devices.



If Windows Phone 9 is released as expected than time gap between the two major releases of Windows would be a bit small.  As last time when WP8 got it update WP8.1 it took about 17 months. So if Phone 9 is launched as per information then it would be about 15 months.

The Windows Phone 9’s desktop counterpart will take a bit longer to reach its user. As its Preview version will be released at the very end of 2015. A lot is expected from the desktop version too as Windows 8 didn’t do as well as expected. As per information Window 9 would be much more similar to Windows 7.

All eyes are set on Windows Phone 9 Preview as this would be the first major release by Windows on phone level after acquiring Nokia. So let’s see what new this version brings in.