Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 (General Distribution Releases) is rumoured to be released next month, on October 8th to be precised. The platform is expected to support 2K and the Snapdragon 805 CPU.  It will also be running a Preview for Windows Developer Users which include the changes and improvements in first two weeks of October.


Some of the improvements in GDR2 version includes, sorting of settings in Windows Phone in the alphabetical order by default with an option for the Windows user to change it as per order that they wish to, like an app list; the availability of mobile data toggle in Action center as an option, as well as the Cortana will be available in more regions.

Cortana is a personal assistant in Windows Phone which will help make things easier for the user and keep the user up to date on things that is important to them. Cortana will likely to release in more European markets while another version, Alpha Cortana will be released in India, Australia and Canada.

Sylwester salek has revealed that Cortana will be available in Polish version in this GDR2 version.