Windows 10 Will Be The Next Top Windows Operating System

Now, it has been announced officially that the next Windows Operating System is ‘Windows 10’ and not Windows 9, as previously suggested.

One rumor about the OS is true – the Microsoft has announced unification of all the devices having Windows. Smartphone, laptop, tablets or desktop, any device that has Windows will be unified. The next Redmond’s mobile OS will also be called as Windows 10 or Windows Phone 10.

Microsoft further announced that the new Windows would be compatible with management programs; it has been said to provide separation of the corporate and personal data, store customize and claimed it to be the “greatest enterprise platform, ever”.

Windows phones will not have Desktop but their designing will be done by keeping Windows unification in mind. Even though the OS will be very similar but it may look different in various devices. Modern interface, formerly which was renowned as Metro, has now been renamed; it will now be known as ‘Universal’ which shows Microsoft’s objective.

The company has not revealed much about the Universal apps now. The unveiling of the details is expected in April, 2015. The only known information about these apps is that they will run on desktop devices and user can have them in Windows.

Corporate VP of the Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore, is optimistic about this new blending experience for the users and hoping positive outcomes. But only the time can tell the success of this unification because we cannot expect the same from the phone as from the PCs.