Depending on the type of device, users just need to switch modes. The company has now introduced a new desktop background system in Windows 10 for phones. The application Tiles have been made even more transparent and the wallpaper can now spread in the background space. However, there have been mixed review for this from Windows Phone users as some of them would like this more while some preferred the earlier way in Windows 8.1 wherein the selected image would be displayed on a tiles instead of behind.

In the Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Phones, the company has promised a complete background for this. On being asked on the previous version of this feature, company CEO Joe Belfiore said that Microsoft would be providing both these options in its upcoming Windows 10 release. Thus users will get an option to choose between “in tiles wallpaper”, “full background” and “no background”. Well, the company is quite reaching to its users and customers welcoming all the necessary feedbacks and bringing it to their convenience.

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Via & Image Courtesy: GSMArena