This recent leaked image of the Windows 10 Store has given rise to a lot of assumptions. But until the parties involved have given a word about it, we can only keep on guessing on the possibilities. Apparently the unauthorized photo imparts that it might offer an HTC Windows Phone app or maybe more. The app in discussion is called Make More Space, which is designed to send notification when the free storage space of an HTC branded Windows Phone is low. After getting the warning, the user can delete apps and content from his mobile phone.

Another theory that was made due to the leaked image was that HTC might be working on Windows 10-utilized handsets. And this belief was somehow strengthened by the brand’s upcoming flagship phone also known as HTC Hima, which was also rumoured to be supported by Windows Phone.


As of now, and another unconfirmed story, Windows 10 for mobile is going through testing on mobile phones inside Microsoft. The latest OS is said to be released 3rd quarter of 2015 being the earliest. But here is a good news for all users of Lumia models using Windows Phone 8, an update would be available once the new mobile Windows is ready for use.