Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is ready to be downloaded starting on July 29.  After months of testing and going through users’ feedback and implementing most of them, the product is almost ready to be released to Windows customers as free upgrade to their current Windows OS.

Windows 10 is designed to deliver a more personal computing while protecting the users’ information as well as the integration with other Windows devices such as PC, Laptop, Tablets, smartphones and Xbox One among others. On top of that, Windows 10 brings back the Start menu which will help the users to navigate through the menus and apps in a timely manner.

Windows Defender on Windows 10 will keep the device secure from malwares with the commitment to bring free ongoing security updates for the supported lifetime of the Window devices. Cortana is another feature on Windows 10 which will learn your preferences in order to provide you with relevant recommendations as well as important reminders. The best of all, Cortana can accept either talking or typing and not only just on your PC but on your smartphone too.

Windows 10 introduces new apps with the name of Microsoft Edge. It is basically a new browser developed to make it easier to comment on the web via typing or inking as well as a reading view which makes the reading on websites easier and faster.

To experience the new Windows 10, you will need to reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade by going through a simple reservation process here.