Microsoft is releasing the next version of operating system, Windows 10.  Yes, the version skipped a number, but it is designed to come with some cool new features.

Return of Start Menu


Microsoft removed the Start Menu in Windows 8 and after receiving negative feedbacks, the company included the Start Menu in Windows 8.1.  The new Start Menu in Windows 10 will be actually a mix of both Window 7’s Aero layout and Window 8’s Live tiles.

Touch-based apps and “universal” apps on desktop

Some of the Window 8’s apps which is designed for touch control is working in a regular keyboard and mouse environment and is running in desktop. This feature will also be available in Window 10.

Easier Multi-tasking


There will be a new feature available on Windows 10, Task View. It is available by swiping from left or clicking a taskbar button. It allows the user to switch between multiple desktops and apps conveniently.

Multiple apps fixed in one screen


Another new feature on Windows 10 is that the user now is able to open up to four different apps and put them side by side on the screen. Therefore, this will make them easier to find information that they need.

Device adaptability

Windows 10 is coming with a new feature such as Continuum. The new feature allows Windows 10 to automatically adapt itself to device that the user is using at that moment. For example if the user is using Windows 10 on a tablet with a paired keyboard then it will be in desktop mode. If the keyboard was removed, then the system will prompt the user whether he wants to switch to tablet mode.

Price and release date

Windows 10 is planned to be released in the middle of 2015 for its final version. It is given as an incentive to upgrade from Windows 7. Thus it could be loosely interpreted as “free” or “reasonably priced”.