This Lily Camera may look like a drone to you because of its dome shaped body supporting four rotors, but in actual it is no drone. According to Antonie Balaresque, CEO of Lily Camera, it should be called as “Flying Camera” to be more appropriate.


Lily Camera is a 2.5-pound device which is not like any drone because this camera mainly focuses on its subject only. The project will be completed later this year. The device will feature a 1080p, 60 FPS camera along with another camera of 720p, 120 FPS. The center of attraction for both cameras will be “you”. The flying camera will stay focus on its target with the help of the built in GPS that tracks the device which a person will wear on his wrist.

Lily Camera CEO further claims that the device has the ability to learn your face too. The finalized device will have the computer vision system that can distinguish your face from others and always keep you in its spotlight.

Henry Bradlow, cofounder of Lily Camera, said, “You throw this in the air, go about your business and at the end, you’ll have a high-quality video.”

The device will be independent. It won’t be taking the help of any radio controller or application and will fly on its own. If we define it more, it will be a kind of flying photographer.

Wherever You Go, Lily Camera Will Follow You!

According to Balaresque, the GPS you carry will tell the camera when you are falling or jumping. There are buttons on the device that will let the drone fly close or away from you or go to the right or left. Wherever you go, it will keep you in frame.

This innovative device will be available at the Best Bay which will also offer other tools of the camera.

Balaresque stated, “Fixed point cameras are limited by skills of the photographer. A flying camera takes it to another level — much better footage.”

The people who want to have this personal photographer must wait for few months until the device will finally make to the market.

At start, Balaresque had to register his face with the help of the iPhone app, as the camera is not able to do it on its own now. But with the app, the cameras worked just fine.

It has been reported that the final version of the device will be water proof. Along with it, it will also be throw proof. You can throw it in the lake and then remove it from the water or lift it in the air; afterwards it will set itself accordingly. There are numbers of sensors that are present in the camera that will provide the stability to the device. The sensors included are gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and the camera that will be directed towards the ground. The trial of throwing the camera showed that it crash landed and then flew again in the air.

At retail, the camera will have the sell price of $899 but now company is offering it for $499 for early birds.