In April, we made it clear that WhatsApp was working out on Voice Call capabilities. Those who were translating the app into Hindi were also requested to translate it to hang up, outgoing call as well as incoming call. This sounds like Voice calling to us. An excellent feature has been spotted in iOS updates of the app although it has never been listed in the change list.
May be you are asking why there is no mention of Voice Calling in the change list. Don’t worry, the answer is simple, this feature is not yet active. But you can be able to see a coming up of that request access to the microphone on your iPhone and specifically Voice Calls are mentioned. You only need to go to settings- privacy- Microphone- WhatsApp – then flip the slider off. Go back then open the WhatsApp messaging app as well as seeing the same pop-up image below.



WhatsApp was now to be purchased for $19 billion just from Facebbook. This service is totally free for first year and only 99 cents every year after the first year. With the latest update added a ton of latest features which includes improved location. It has the ability to share low motion video from Apple iPhone 5s, with the ability to trim video before it is shared as well as Voice Calling especially when activated. We can see more new latest subscribers which is added up to 600 million which usually currently use WhatsApp.