WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app recently celebrated its fifth birthday and has over 600 million users. If you are one of the WhatsApp users, you must have noticed a change in it since a couple of days. Some of the usual grey ticks you see next to your sent messages may have now turned to bright blue.

Yes, WhatsApp has made certain changes so that when someone reads your message, the double check marks next to it turn blue. In case of a message sent to a group or a broadcast message, the check marks will turn blue only when all the members/recipients have read the message.

WhatsApp - 1

These changes have been made by the company on the server side so you don’t have to download any updates. Every message you send will have a message info screen. This screen will show details about when your message was delivered to the recipient and when it was read or played by the person.

If you open your chat with a contact or a group, tap and hold on the sent message and then click on the logo of small “i” in a circle, you will see the message info screen.

The message info screen will show you the following:

  • Delivered when your media is delivered to your recipient’s phone, but the recipient has not yet seen it.
  • Read or Seen when the recipient has read your message or seen your picture, audio file, or video. For a Voice Message, the recipient has seen but has not yet played it.
  • Played when the recipient has played your Voice Message.

If you fail to see the blue check marks it means that either the recipient has not opened your message or has the old version of WhatsApp. There could be connectivity issues too.

Here’s a screenshot of WhatsApp’s FAQ:

WahtsApp - 2