The first time the story about the Google’s project ARA went out months ago, it has triggered an impressive score of positive feedback. And now Google ATAP division, responsible for the ARA project, has released updates about the revolutionary modular handset. And I am to tell you that they are both good news.

First development on the project is the prototype of its latest circuit board, which you can easily see on the team’s Google+ page. The circuit board is known as the Spiral with advanced electromagnetic coupling for the modules is far ahead other development boards. It is structured around specially made Toshiba chips, which allows more space for developer modules.

Another advancement that we are sure to be experiencing once the handset is launched is the ARA market. It is pretty much works like the Play Store only that it is designed to sell hardware modules to future ARA users. Globant, a famous Latin American software company and a long time Google partner, has confirmed that it is already underway. Two Toasters, another renowned Google collaborator, would also be working on the mobile application. Two toasters is creditable for mobile design, development and production.

More updates is expected to excite us in the upcoming second Project ARA Module Developers Conference taking place early next year, January 14 at Mountain View, CA and January 21 in Singapore.