Google’s annual I/O developer conference is coming soon! This year it is going to be held in San Fransisco’s Moscone Center. There surely be a lot of announcement and showcase of products from Google be it service or product. It is rumored that Google is going to preview a new version of its Android operating system apart from other announcements like Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto.

This year Google is going to release the next version of Android OS, Android M. Normally Google will name the version according to the candy name in alphabetical order. Android 1.5 was released by the name of Cupcake, while the next few versions comes by the name of Donut, Éclair, Froyo and some other names. The latest Android name version is named Lollipop while the version before this is named KitKat. There are a few speculations on what are the Android M will stands for. It could be Muffin, Marshmallow, Milky Way or maybe M&M.

Android M is seen as an enhancement from the existing features rather than revamping the whole Android system. The look and feel of the user interface will not be changed but expect more flat icons, shadows under objects and sliding transitions. On top of that, there will be a new feature that we know a little about it currently which is called Nearby. With this new feature, it will simplify the discovery and communication with other Android users. Moreover, the UI’s notifications and volume control system will also going through some changes.

Well, we are going to know more about it after the conference! Stay tune to find out!