The wearable technology revolution is here. After smartwatches and fitness bands, we have smartwear clothing. As people are becoming increasingly health conscious, health-tracking devices are getting popular. Smartwear clothing made from biometric textile material is one of them.

There are many new companies coming out with smartwear clothing. OMsignal of Montreal makes biometric smartwear T-shirts that can track your “Performance, Health and Fitness” by monitoring your movements, breathing and heartbeat. Health sensors embedded into the fabric measure your biometric data and vital signs such as heart rate and its variability, breathing rate and volume, type of movement and its intensity and the calories burned by you. This data is then relayed to the OMsignal app in your phone via Bluetooth. The app gives you feedback like how much energy you have left in reserve or offers suggestions on how to manage and improve your vitals.


Stéphane Marceau, CEO and co-founder of OMsignal says,”  “We’ve been wearing clothing all our lives.  It’s the most natural and therefore the ultimate “wearable” medium. Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day.”


Initially, four varieties of biometric T-shirts are available for men that come in S-XL sizes and six color combinations. The good thing is that they are machine washable. The shirt with the black box (that relays your vital stats to your phone) costs around $200-$240.

AIQ Smart Clothing Inc. of Taiwan also produces fashionable smart clothing by merging electronic and textiles. Their clothing offers comfort and at the same time monitors vital signs through wearable electrodes relaying data via blue tooth to mobile phone. The clothes are machine washable.


There are a few other companies such Cityzen Sciences of France or Sensilk in the US that embed sensors in clothing to make them ‘smart’. Since clothes cover more portion of the body, perhaps smartwear clothing may prove to be better health trackers than watches or bands. What do you think?