Playing tennis is fun and full of joy but do you know how a professional plays a game? Any tennis lover, or in fact the person who ddoesn’tplay tennis, must know the name Roger Federer. Can you play tennis like him? Obviously not, but do you want to see the game and the view of the court from the eyes of the champion? Well, if you want then you must see the video below.

Roger Federer, a famous tennis star and 17-time Grand Slam champion, has shown the world his tennis game from his eyes and he completed this mission with the help of a Google Glass.

Some time ago, the tennis star has played a friendly match at search giant’s headquarters in Mountain View. Federer has played the friendly match against his current coach, who used to be the number one tennis player, Stefan Edberg.

If the level of elites is not enough for you then seeing it through a professional’s eyes must change your viewing perspective of tennis court. Your game and Federer game will seem very different and fast to you. Watch for yourself and compare your game.

Federer viewpoint for making of this video was also great. He said to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), “It was really fun shooting this video.” Federer added, “It’s not often you get to explore new angles of watching tennis. I hope fans enjoy this new perspective.”

This is how Federer sees his own game play: