After letting you analyze that alleged-image which reveals the back of the Apple iPhone 6 dummy, similar to other alleged photographs of the next iPhone, one more design by Foxconn insider signals more rounded corners. These leaked images brought into light from a tweet sent by Sonny Dickson. One has to mention Dickson as a big player .His record for the last year of huge number of leaks including the one which showed off the plastic exterior of the Apple iPhone 5c. The young chap from Australia had actually worked out an arrangement that permitted him to procure images and authentic parts smuggled out of Foxconn.

After this tweet in the morning, Dickson claimed the picture as the front side of the Apple iPhone 6 dummy. Similar to the photo of the back of the piece, one can identify the outlook which seems slim shape with rounded design .It certainly appears to be a larger than 4 inch display. While it is not solid yet, the bezels also appear so thinner.

While Dickson keeps an impressive history to brag, we propose just to enjoy and to take these iPhone 6 leaked images with a grain of salt. There are plenty of doubts roaming around the next model of the iPhone, counting the prospect of a phablet version of the device, thereby deciding to be a cynic is the best suggestion from our side on such leaks.