VR headset

The new VR Headset

Carl Zeiss is a top class optics manufacturer. These days it is up to making its own VR Headset which will be an alternative to Samsung’s Gear VR Headset. Samsung’s Gear VR Headset requires a smartphone to be inserted in it in order to create a 3D World.

The difference

The Samsung’s VR Headset is only compatible with Samsung smartphones while this is not the case with Carl Zeiss VR Headset. Carl Zeiss VR One is going to be compatible with many types of smartphones provided their size is not less than 4.7” and not more than 5.2”. However, one will need to buy a special tray for every different smartphone.

Additional cost

In the beginning, VR One is going to be compatible with only Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 6 though the company gave assurance that there will be different trays which will make VR One compatible with many other devices. Every tray will cost extra $10 to the customers in addition to the original cost of $99 of the headset.


The VR One is going to have two factory installed multimedia apps. The two apps will allow one to use Google’s street view, browse photos and watch movies in 3D. Carl Zeiss has also advertised that VR One users will also be able to use it to “interact with Augmented Reality”. However, it is not clear what exactly the company means by “Augmented Reality”.


Those who want to be among the first users of VR One will be able to get it before Christmas. The rest will get it in 2015 when the device is released on wider range.