Two days back at the Google I/O event, Google went out announcing many of its new ventures, Android Auto being one of them. Android Auto is Google’s interface that turns your car’s dashboard into a smartphone that brings almost everything that you can do with your smartphone will now be available on your cars dashboard. You can check our detailed review for Android Auto.

However, many big car manufacturer’s are popping their eyes out on this beautifully car-embedded tech and have officially announced their support for the project and the Open Automotive Alliance is an example of this. Earlier automotive giant Audi has announced the support for Android Auto and now Volvo has went out announcing it officially with its first car, XC90, featuring Android Auto. The car could be shown off in October and will officially make its way to the markets by 2015.

Android Auto enables a voice based assistance getting you with almost any information at the “drop of hat”. This is similar to the voice based Google Now. With such a useful features and stunning technology many automobile manufacturer’s are expected to bring this feature in their vehicles making navigation much more easy and convenient. We wish to see the Android Auto vehicles soon.