Reportedly Swedish automobile giant Volvo is working on building electric gateways to charge its electric buses wirelessly. Volvo in partnership with Swedish government has plan to improve its electric bus model “Hybrid” by charging buses on the go.  The buses will be charged inductively as do your electric toothbrushes.

This is not a far-fetched idea as inductive charging is used as a test fleet is already up and running in South Korea and so did Utah. English city better known as the home of Red Bull’s Formula One team, Milton Keynes will field a few of the buses on a 15.5-mile test route.  So, what is Volvo doing different in this?


The answer is nothing.But the idea of world’s biggest truck and bus manufacturer jumping into this inductive charging of its electric vehicles gives a whole new push to the the world of electric vehicles. Volvo has already experimented with plug-in hybrid buses in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. But without the cord the buses will run greater distances that too faster.

The prototype is running and the project is dubbed “Electric-City”. According to the officials the work would be completed in mid-2015 and buses would start running in central Gothenburg. So, its not far away when you would be able to charge your phone on the bus-stop waiting for an “Electric-City” bus.