With the release of Apple Watch, it makes a lot of things more convenient for the user. Apart from being able to keep track of your health, Apple Watch also able to allow you to open your car from the apps installed on the device. However, it is not applicable for all the car brands. It is only applicable for Volkswagen car and it can be done by using the Volkswagen app for Apple Watch.

The Volkswagen Apple Watch app will be the latest addition to the company’s Car-Net system, which is already working in iPhone’s iOS app. By using the app, the user can remotely track the car using GPS, set speed and distance limits which function can be activated if the car is used by other people, your children as an example as well as automatically assisted VW when the car’s airbags have been activated.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen’s app for iPhone is capable of listing down detailed diagnostics and maintenance information so that if there is a glitch on your car, you can efficiently inform the car mechanic so that the mechanic can fix the issue in a shorter time.

Car-Net system is available on select 2014 and it supports the later models of Volkswagen brand such as Golf, Passat, Jetta and Beetle. However, eventhough Volkswagen has announced that the app is already available but the company is not able to comment when it can be downloaded.