Well, the recent Oppo R5 announcement puts the Chinese maker with the monopoly of having the slimmest smartphone on the planet with 4.8mm thickness. Now it seems that another Chinese manufacturer Vivo might be in race to take dominance over this as reports show that it might release a handset with just 3.8mm thickness. The company (Vivo) has recently showed off its handset having an ultra-slim 3.8mm of thickness.

Well, you can once again read the above statement as the 3.8mm reality seems to be getting true very soon. There is also another image of the company’s handset kept along side the iPhone5s. This makes the iPhone 5s that currently seems to be slim suddenly seems to be obese in comparison.

Vivo smartphone with 3.8mm thickness 2 Vivo smartphone with 3.8mm thickness 3

With such a thin body, some obvious questions start arising as to the built-quality, durability and yes most important of all is how big could the battery back-up for the phone be. The durability can surely be met with a lithium-aluminum design (similar to the one that was spotted in the recently launched Oppo N3) of the handset but how about the battery?

As more exciting details from Vivo arrives, we surely will make it a point to bring it them to you. Stay tuned!