A new startup company, Feelreal has invented two interesting products which currently seeking for crowdfunding in Kickstarter. One of the products is a virtual reality mask. With this VR mask, it will allow the users to stimulate the smell of the environment shown on the screen. It comes with an odor generator which can take seven removable “smell cartridges” which will then be mixed to create the appropriate scent. The basic smell covers the jungle, flowers, ocean, burning rubber, fire, gunpowder and aphrodisiacs. On top of that, it also can come with special made-to-order scents with additional pricing of $300. The device will also have option to be mounted at the bottom of Oculus Rift VR headset.


feelreal-vr-mask-helmet-smell-feel-action-1 (1)

The Nirvana helmet, on the other hand, allows user to experience a full sensory stimulation. It comes with a high resolution smartphone display, 3D audio system and a slot where the mask can slide into. On top of that, it comes with micro projection and fabric lining to ensure greater comfort for the user.


Both models connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the digital entertainment source device. If used continuously, the mask should last about four hours on a single charge whereas the helmet should last about six hours.

For the mask plus software development kit, it is priced at US$250, the helmet at US$500 for the prototype version while the customer version will cost you $600. If it achieved the funding goal of $50,000, you can get the devices later this year.