The View Master is one of the very early players in virtual reality headsets an now the company is back in action. This time Google and Mattel have partnered to create the new View-Master that is now based on the newly announced Google Cardboard. This new VR headset is to bring a kid-friendly interface and comes with a very similar shape to the Google Cardboard.

It also has kept reels. Unlike the original reels, which were just cardboard disks with photographic films, these reels would provide a Street View type digital experience for photography of some indentified locations. This is very much similar to the Nintendo 3DS and AR Cards.

Anyway, the new View-Master will cost $30 when it comes out in the fall and a pack of three reels will go for $15. The software and the reels will be compatible with Google Cardboard and Cardboard apps will work with the View-Master.

This new View-Master VR headset would just cost $30 along with a pack of three reels for additional $15. The software for the same is said to be compatible with Google Cardboard and its apps. Today, there are many other players in the VR headset market like LG, Samsung and others. Take a look at the video below.