Last week, we saw Microsoft unveiling its Microsoft HoloLens along with its new Windows Holographic API that can be used by developers for multidimensional imaging, CAD apps, imaging and much more. The Microsoft HoloLens is the company’s standalone VR headset and has its own computing power, spacial sound used for holographic processing, able to understand you sight of vision and voice, working wirelessly and processing huge TB of data in real time. This means it is having a great processing prowess with multiple functionality in just a headset.

Along with this, a platform named as Holo Studio was also announced which allows to create a new Windows Holographic experience. The demonstrations shows up a quad-copter created with the help of Holo Studio which is later 3D printed to get a physical object. Well, the company also went out releasing some infographic images for the HoloLens VR headset showing up its details.

Check out the following images that shows up the details for the HoloLens headgear.

Microsoft-HoloLens Microsoft-HoloLens-2 Microsoft-HoloLens-3

source: Wired