If you still do not hear the name of Jimmy Lin, you must be unknown from the world of multi-talented experience persons. Jimmy Lin is the name of the person who have been working hard to replace the screen of iPhone 5S and make it smaller. The person is also known as one of the greatest singer, racecar driver, technicians and actor.

Last week, Jimmy Lin has posted big frame iPhone of 5.5-inchs as well as leaked picture of Apple iPhone 6. He also believes that iPhone 6 will have 4.7-inch display although the leaked pictures show bigger screen.

Videos of 4.7” & 5.5” iPhone Dummies by Jimmy Lin 2

TechSmartt dummies videos showcasing are showing 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone versions to the users. However, the 5.5-inch model looks bigger than the 5.7-inch Samsung Note 3 as well as 5.5-inch LG G3 too! In this video, you will have 4.7” & 5.5” iPhone dummies showing by Jimmy Lin.

Videos of 4.7” & 5.5” iPhone Dummies by Jimmy Lin 1

However, this is not the first time when we have achieved the leaked pictures of 5.5-inch iPhone 6 and 4.7-inch device. However, the design looks great like iPod Touch-inspired design in black on white color combination.

The new upcoming iPhone 6 will be expected to sale on September 19 or starting of the August month.