A new mobile navigation app called Viago for iOS and Android is released by the Garmin Company. However, the mobile navigation app is not free at all for the users but it is still a cheap app.

Some basic buying apps will show you some of the basic functions of the Viago app. However, more functions will be added on the premium version of this mobile navigation app.

In this recent time, Google and Apple are providing the free mobile navigation app for the mobile platform with good features. But, the mobile navigation app company is offering premium apps for the mobile platform and helps the user with a good effort.

Garmin Releases the Cheapest Mobile Navigation App Viago

With the Viago app, you can easily get any country or city’s map on your mobile screen along with speed limits, lane assistance, weather news and other things. Garmin is offering this mobile negotiation app at only $1 but it will be higher to $2 from the 14th July.

Most of the features of Viago mobile navigation app of Garmin will always enhance your experience of using mobile negotiation app like offline maps, directions to any destination, live traffic information, landmark of any specific place, safety camera warning and other things.