Google had casually announced Google Cardboard at the end of its I/O keynote. Google Cardboard is a simple and inexpensive approach to experience virtual reality. It transforms your Android smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Volvo seems to be the first company to make use of Google Cardboard to promote its brand.

Google Cardboard - Volvo Reality - 1

In ordered to promote its upcoming re-designed Volvo XC90 SUV, the company has developed a “Volvo Reality” app that takes the user on a leisurely virtual drive accompanied by music along the way. The drive consists of various episodes for the users to experience virtual driving in diverse environments and at different times of the day. One episode is available at the time of launch of the app with more to follow soon.

Have a look at the video below:

The cardboard unit is paired with the Android app which takes you on a virtual drive in the XC90. App for iOS devices is coming soon. The cardboard is similar to the one shown at the Google I/O but in black color and has the Volvo brand on it. The app is available on Google Play and also works without the Google Cardboard.


Volvo Reality - 2

The Volvo Reality app works best on Samsung Galaxy S4 & above, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4 & above, and the Moto X. The app and the Cardboard are available for free. The Cardboard can be ordered through the app from November 18 onward and can be used with any Cardboard-enabled app.

So, ready to go on a virtual reality drive in the Volvo XC90?


Via The Verge