In your day to day life there are numerous occasions when you misplace your phone and can’t seem to find it.  Now finding your misplaced Android phone has been made easier by Google. Just type in the words ‘ Find my phone ’ in Google Search on your desktop.

If your phone is hidden somewhere nearby say under the pillow, under the sofa or bed or somewhere in the kitchen, Goggle will give it a ring and you can find it easily. If you have forgotten it somewhere outside say a restaurant or a shop, Google will show you its location on the Google map.  You will also be able to see your Android phone’s make and model number. For this, you need to have the latest Google app version installed on your phone according to the Google+ post.

While Android Device Manager is already there to track your Android devices linked with your Google account, you have to first get your account’s ADM menu. In comparison, ‘ Find my phone ’ is easier to use and if you are using Chrome, you can also give a voice search. Just say the words ‘ Find my phone ’ and the browser will do it for you.

What do you think of Google’s ‘ Find my phone ’? We think it will be of great help to those who keep forgetting where they have kept their Android phone.