Apart from showcasing the next version of Android OS, Android M, Google also explained about the next improvements that the company is going to do for Android Wear in the Google I/O conference this year. Android Wear has received a lot of good reviews from its users regarding its flexibility since the device was launched a few years ago.

One of such flexibility is the ability to change the watch faces. There are about 1500 watch faces that the users can choose from which can be downloaded from Play Store. On top of that there will be some updates which will improve the user experience in using the device.

With the latest gesture control feature, users do not need to use their finger to swipe through the notification; they just need to tilt the smartwatch in one direction to read the next notification while tilting it to the other direction will show the previous notification.

Another feature which makes the smartwatch convenient to use is the “always on” screen feature which is already implemented in the current device. With the next update, apart from showing the watch face, the user will be able to view any other app without having to consume much of the battery life. Therefore, the user will be able to view his or her grocery list or load up a route from Google Maps to navigate his or her way. To conserve the battery, the “always on” feature is switching the view to monochrome; therefore, it will only show in white and black, which is already in place currently.

With all these updates, Google hopes that it will make the device more convenient to use as it does not need two hands to operate the device.